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On the Many Ways of Integral Art

Francisco Saenz’s art re-works early twentieth century post-cubist and surrealist idioms into integral pictorial expressions. One can dive into works like Social Networks I and Social Networks II to explore how LR systems – social, political, economic, natural – are profoundly re-imagined and upgraded for our times : a metaphoric-utopian picturing of social networks yet to come.

Let us too take note of Tower and the detail of that masterwork included in the current gallery. The landscape section exceeds in complexity and nuance both classic perspective constructions as well as Suprematist and Constructivist abstractions, offering a multi-dimensional view at once shifting and static, coherent and dizzying, penetrating and flattening. It models not only 2nd to 3rd tier pictorial cognition, but through the intersecting planes generates the sense of an empty, mysterious, ungraspable and invisible presence – a shining evocation of the clear light of non-duality. Tower detail 2 opens the same sense of clear light more locally in the picture, to the left and to right of the dragon’s head.

Saenz’s is an art then that is integral in many ways: from political re-imagining to cognitive upgrades to the opening of clear light awareness.

Michael Schwartz
October 2012

From the artist:

“It is through daily meditation that the self aligns to the magical force of this wonderful universe. I always ask myself: “Who really knows what the new and magical day will bring?” then two words appear: “allow” and “expect”. The resources and contacts begin to appear as we start walking our life’s path. Then synchronicities and powerful and meaningful experiences become part of our daily lives. Limitless and pure creative energy is provided, later you wonder how it was possible to create such artworks.

Once you are in this state of alignment with the universe, there is only peace. I used to do some research before creating an artwork, now I only “submerge” and begin working, knowing and trusting the magical force that operates this awesome universe. I make the analogy that I have never seen a bird taking a flying course, it comes with all the equipment and skills it needs to cross an ocean without fear of getting lost. I believe if we consider that our origin is beyond our human comprehension, then we need to trust our “heart’s compass”. At the end we are travelers passing by. As someone stated, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

I believe we are in a major shift, gradually but surely we are becoming more aware and sensitive that it is together (wholeness) that we will be able to not only overcome our present challenges, but to emerge as a renewed spiritual and enlightened world.”

Valente “Pancho” Saenz

Valente Saenz

About Valente Saenz

Valente Francisco Saenz, also known as “Pancho”, was born in the vibrant border region of the United States and Mexico. After several years of working in the International Banking sector he returned to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to finish his Multidisciplinary studies Bachelor’s degree in Art painting and Museum studies. Aware of the challenges museums are facing he decided to continue his Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary studies (MAIS) in Museums Research and Communities at UTEP where he is a graduate student.

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