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Accessing Your Superconscious Mind

September 28, 2023 at 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT

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“Accessing Your Superconscious Mind” is a session specially crafted for individuals like you who are ready to unlock the power of the superconscious mind and elevate their journey of self-discovery and integration.

In the complex tapestry of human existence, we often find ourselves entangled in a myriad of emotions, experiences, and thoughts. The whirlwind of daily life, combined with past traumas and future anxieties, can make us feel scattered, fragmented, and disconnected. However, there exists a realm within us that offers a refuge from this chaos—the superconscious. The superconscious isn’t just an elevated state of awareness; it’s the sanctuary where our fragmented pieces find unity. Imagine accessing a profound source of wisdom and healing within you that transcends your conscious mind. The superconscious mind is often considered the ‘higher’ or ‘divine’ mind, a reservoir of potential wisdom, intuition, and expansive understanding.

The present moment, with its unique challenges and opportunities, makes the exploration of the superconscious not just beneficial but essential for holistic growth, healing, and evolution.

Accelerated Change: In our rapidly evolving world, personal growth and adaptability have become crucial. Tapping into the superconscious can accelerate self-awareness and transformation, allowing us to navigate these changing times more effectively.

Deep Healing: As we become increasingly aware of the significance of mental health, the superconscious presents a profound tool for healing old wounds, resolving traumas, and fostering mental well-being.

Global Consciousness Shift: There’s a palpable shift towards holistic wellness, spirituality, and higher consciousness on a global scale. Engaging with the superconscious aligns with this movement, promoting individual and collective evolution.

Optimized Potential: The superconscious can be seen as a reservoir of untapped potential. By accessing it, we can unlock latent gifts, talents, and abilities, maximizing our potential in both personal and professional arenas.

Integrated Wholeness: As the lines fade between the tangible and virtual, and between our conscious and unconscious realms, there emerges an urgent call for a deeper unity. The superconscious serves as a unifying link, harmonizing diverse facets of our existence.

Stress and Overwhelm: Modern life, with its incessant demands, can lead to chronic stress and overwhelm. The superconscious can provide clarity, purpose, and peace, acting as an anchor in tumultuous times.

Deeper Connections: As we become more digitally connected, there’s a paradoxical rise in feelings of isolation and disconnection. Engaging with the superconscious fosters deeper connections — with oneself, others, and the universe.

In this transformative session, Lisa will guide you in using the power of your superconscious to heal, harmonize, and integrate the often elusive facets of your subconscious mind. By directly engaging with your superconscious, you’ll work to neutralize suppressed emotions, reframe memories and dissolve barriers to foster an integrated self-awareness and greater freedom toward taking action in areas where you have felt stuck.

Are you prepared to unlock the healing synergy between your superconscious and subconscious? Get ready to embark on a transformative exploration of your inner realms and unleash the potential of your superconscious mind.

Meet Your Practice Leader

“My whole mission is to help people live their happiest, most authentic lives.”
– Lisa Frost

Lisa Frost is an Integral Master Coach™ and facilitator. She helps individuals create transformative change, both in professional and personal contexts, and make peace with the aspects of self that hold us back from realizing profound fulfillment, purpose, and joy.

Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Integral Psychology with an emphasis in human development and consciousness. She also has over 30 years of experience in business and leadership, 15 years of guiding others through complex crises and major transitions.

You can find Lisa at www.YourDeepestYes.com and www.HappyHealthyLeaders.com


September 28, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT
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