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Rethinking DEI: A Developmental Perspective

May 11 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

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What does DEI look like if we remove the politically loaded terms and ideas and focus on a developmental understanding instead? What might we see if we ourselves can take a broader and deeper view into this divisive and important cultural moment that is reshaping our world?
A postmodern view, one that has moved beyond the strict confines of rationality, is what has brought awareness of many of DEI’s principles and claims to the foreground of our culture. This developmental perspective can see things that pervious perspectives were blind to, and at its best DEI shows us a world in which cultural assumptions, the social construction of the self, and the limitations of rationality and science can create powerfully unseen bias against certain groups.
What does this look like, from the mature DEI viewpoint? What can it really see, what are its own hidden assumptions, and why is it causing so much societal friction that is overheating everything from school board meetings to national politics?
In Europe, we are seeing the rise of the far right. In America, we see Trumpism fighting to turn back the clock on many of DEI’s policies. And many in the middle have seen even the best-meaning DEI initiatives produce frustrating unintended and hypocritical consequences, such as illiberalism, exclusivity in their demands for inclusivity, homogeneity in their call for heterogeneity, and intolerance in their desire for tolerance.
A robust and through understanding of the Green worldview can help us to better appreciate what’s really being seen, how it is showing us important truths even as its creating its own problems that need solving.
In this talk, Keith Martin-Smith will explain the developmental levels, in detail, which allowed DEI to form in the first place, as well as the levels around it. This will make the cultural wars we are experiencing able to be seen on a deeper level.
The goal of this talk is to bring greater understanding and empathy for those advocating the DEI view, and for those fighting against it. It will all be placed inside a broader and deeper understanding of the evolution of our worldviews themselves.

Keith Martin-Smith is an ordained Zen priest, and the author of When the Buddha Needs Therapy, released by Integral Life Press in 2022. Ken Wilber said it was, “a terrific book, fully embracing a truly integral perspective and highly recommended.”


May 11
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT
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Keith Martin-Smith