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Are the Kids Alright? Looking at Development Across Generations

September 16 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

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Keith (author of “When the Buddha Needs Therapy) will be hosting David Zeitler, a developmental expert, protégé of Robert Kegan, and the president of Zeitler Executive Dynamixs.
They will dive into the following thought-provoking topics:
Is Gen Z Developing Faster than Previous Generations?
Is data beginning to suggest that the much-maligned Gen Z might, in fact, be developing faster than either Boomers or Gen X? What are the implications of this?
Understanding the Culture Wars through Robert Kegan’s Developmental Lens
Kegan’s groundbreaking theories help us to understand and empathize with conformist, expert, rational, post-modern, and integral perspectives, and how these worldviews interact around topics like DEI, “gender-affirming” care for trans kids, politics, and much more.  
Religion is Declining. What’s taking its place?  
While faith in religions is on a steep decline, is it also true that “religious mindsets” are on a decline as well? What are the implications of religion’s decline for this for our culture, the culture wars, and the future of democracy itself?

How Did America Work So Well for So Long?  
From a developmental perspective, the American founders introduced a system that was largely rational in its orientation, in a time when most Americans were not yet capable of fully rational thinking. Why did it still manage to work?
Given That, What is Likely to Happen to America, and Democracy, Moving Forward?
Developmental psychology provides unique and powerful views that might help us predict what’s to come.

Keith Martin-Smith is an ordained Zen priest, and the author of When the Buddha Needs Therapy, released by Integral Life Press in 2022. Ken Wilber said it was, “a terrific book, fully embracing a truly integral perspective and highly recommended.”


September 16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT
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Keith Martin-Smith