Integral Ventures Closes Investment Round for Nanotech Company

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Integral Ventures is pleased to announce that it participated this week in the successful second close of a $19 million Series B investment round in Nevada Nano, which is leading a revolution with its Molecular Property Spectrometer™ sensing platform that enables the internet and other digital devices to “smell” the world around them. The company’s technology provides a significant step forward for the Internet of Things and helps to enable Smart City and Smart Home initiatives world wide while improving the quality of life for millions of people.

NevadaNano President Ralph Whitten commented that: “We’re pleased to be supported by Integral Ventures and our other values-aligned investment partners as we pursue our big mission of making the world safer through Digital Scent.”

By providing the world with the ability to electronically measure chemicals in the air 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, Nevada Nano seeks to impact the world in a dramatic way, from detecting carcinogens, gas leaks, air pollution and global warming, to non-invasive detection of disease and food safety applications. The Company’s first products are releasing this summer to the $13 billion industrial and gas safety markets.

“Although it’s more mature than many of the other Integral Ventures projects we’re looking at, Nevada Nano is an excellent example of what happens when a group of talented people with vision and a commitment to tackling the world’s hardest problems all come together, and I’m excited that we’re a part of it,” said Integral Life CEO Robb Smith.

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