Integral Ventures Signs on to Executive Produce Stuart Davis’s The Clones, Invites Integral Life Members to Participate

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Integral Ventures is thrilled to announce that it signed on this week to join Matt Haught and Melissa Fritz to executive produce a TV pilot of The Clones, an original half-hour scripted comedy by Stuart Davis where family bonds are also family binds. As part of the deal, the producers have agreed to invite Integral Life members to participate in the funding (more on that below).

An integral Orphan Black meets Flight of the Conchords, The Clones is about clone brothers who battle their mother, and each other, for their one soul…and in the end, only one will keep it. First appearing on Integral Naked, and in the tradition of shows that see a dysfunctional family as a microcosm of the human condition, The Clones is a relevant and insanely funny look at modern life that only a mind like Stuart Davis’s could bring us.

“I’m really excited to participate in bringing Stuart’s genius to TV. At a time when innovative TV is breaking new ground, the time has never been better to bring integral consciousness-inspired shows to major outlets,” said Robb Smith, Integral Life’s CEO.

Shot in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Colorado, The Clones stars Stuart Davis, Allison McAtee, and Jasmine Karimova. After principal filming is completed this month, The Clones will be shopped to major networks and streaming platforms with a goal of selling the pilot and commencing production of the full Season One in 2020 in Holland.

“In twenty five years of integrally-inspired creations, this new TV project is one of the most exciting I’ve ever been a part of,” said Stuart Davis. “The Clones was conceived from the heart of integral, and our team is committed to seeing it cross over to a national network or a major streaming platform. There is tremendous momentum behind this new pilot. We’re seeking one last portion of funding to wrap up post-production. Join us in creating a deeper, wider culture of entertainment, and a profitable new series.”

Integral Ventures was conceived in 2017 as an effort to activate the Integral Life community, as Robb Smith puts it, “as a force for generating companies, creativity and consciousness” that can make a positive impact in the world. To that end, Integral Life members are invited to participate alongside Integral Ventures in supporting the show. If interested, reach out to Stuart directly for more information at