Kosmic Integrity: The Integral Community’s Most Important Contribution to the World

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Join Robb as he opens WhatNow to address the #1 question we received during 2017:

What is the integral community’s unique role in the world right now?

His answer is that each of us are called to bring “kosmic integrity” into the world, a uniting of integrating perspective and loving presence that can foster horizontal and vertical enlightenment in every person we touch. Listen as Robb describes the three unique capabilities of the very mature human mind that, when combined with integral philosophy’s story of wholeness and its powerful set of distinctions, have the power to liberate those around us. As he puts it:

“What is this kosmic integrity? For starters it is an unflinchingly honest association with reality in all of its complexity and nuance. It is service to what is emerging naturally in the universe through a heart of passionate non-attachment, channeled to support others’ passion, and their growth in mind and heart. Done well, it gives the people around us the trust, courage and hope to lead from a place of love, presence and fearlessness.”

But Robb also cautions us to take seriously the risk of a “subtle and sophisticated bigotry” he sees in the integral community, where we have “the means through which the integrating mind actually carries out… [a] slicing and dicing of wholeness through distinctions that risks turning our integral mind from an instrument of hope and healing and into a weapon of deconstructive and alienating harm.”

Join Robb as he calls us forward to be agents of kosmic integrity, an incredibly unique praxis of healing and wholeness that may be one of our most important contributions to the world in the road ahead.


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