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Stuart Davis and Ed Kowalczyk offer a stunning performance of Stuart’s “Smoke” — a song Stuart originally wrote with Ed in mind.

Stuart Davis

About Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis is a longtime friend of Integral Life and Ken Wilber, and has acted as guest host for many Integral Life dialogues over the last decade. With fifteen full-length albums to his credit, Stuart has carved out a unique wavelength in the musical spectrum. Taking the topics of God, sex and death, and crafting them into inimitable pop songs with lyrical flair and unforgettable hooks, Stuart also works in television, film, painting, and books.

Ed Kowalczyk

About Ed Kowalczyk

Ed Kowalczyk is the lead singer for the band Live. He counts among his influences the writer Jiddu Krishnamurti and integral thinker Ken Wilber, and his lyrics reflect his mystical and spiritual tendency. He has influenced bands such as Daughtry, Matchbox Twenty and Breaking Benjamin.


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    What a wonderful and a powerful Audial Form of Integrality in its highest quality for which I am truly grateful that it was shared indeed on the pages of the IL that which I happily reached to. The realisations is truly wonderful and it electrified me too as I noticed it within my whole Self. I have just a one request, could someone kindly provide the Lyrics for the further studies of mine concerning this song if it would be possible, please?

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    I can’t understand the words. Perhaps the music is too loud. So I’m missing much of the content and impact.
    Mark Leventer

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