The Intellectual Dark Web: An Integral View

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In this video dialogue, Mark Forman and Robb Smith discuss the Intellectual Dark Web, the loose counter-cultural band of intellectuals recently profiled in the New York Times. Mark and Robb both agree that IDW is playing an important role in challenging prevailing culture to engage in necessary conversations and issues created at the leading-edge of a Green “operating system” that is increasingly straining under its philosophical and evolutionary contradictions, but with limitations that seem to arise from their failure to take a broader, more integral worldview.

For Robb’s personal take on IDW, see his accompanying Integral Post here, and for minute-markers on this dialogue see below the visual.

5:20 The IDW as an anti-Green, but not post-Green, enactment, stuck in and arising from the very postmodern condition being criticized: “Against the grain, against the Green”

12:31 IDW with heavy positivist bent, right-hand (exterior) evolutionaries without left-hand (interior) evolutionary model, and thus no transformational map or way through deconstructive postmodernism itself

19:20 The Integral movement hasn’t always done a great job of enacting post-Green itself, perhaps due to under-integrated Orange

30:15 Jordan Peterson acting as “heat shield” for Amber-to-Orange maturation and against the anomie of Green, but with his own serious blind spots

41:30 The only way out is through, by including the entire evolutionary stack in an integral embrace as we head towards momentous leap into Transformation Age

50:41 Integral technologies hardly exist to support Teal cultural structures, but the integral vision calls to each of us to live with kosmic integrity in service to all


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Robb Smith

About Robb Smith

Robb Smith is a leading thinker on the Transformation Age and the global Integral Philosophy movement. He is the co-founder and CEO of Integral Life and Integral Ventures.

Mark Forman

About Mark Forman

Mark Forman, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist whose text — A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy Complexity, Integration, and Spirituality in Practice – is considered one of the seminal works in the field of Integral Psychotherapy.