How do I use the site?

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Welcome to Integral Life! This is a very large site with lots of cool features, so we wanted to give you a brief tour of the site so you know exactly how to find whatever it is you are looking for. So let’s go through the Main Menu items, which will help acclimate you to the website.

HOMEPAGE: Here is where you can find all of the most recent content published to the site. The top half of the page is chronological, while the bottom half shows some featured content.

PRACTICE: This is our Integral Life Practice library, where you can find a collection of modular practices, as well as some resources to help you construct an ILP of your own that touches all the most important bases (body, mind, spirit, shadow, and relationships). You can find these instructions here.

PERSPECTIVES: This is the central archive where you can find all of the many discussions and presentations we have published over the years.

There are a lot of ways to navigate this content, which is why you will notice that the Perspectives menu has a pretty large sub-menu when you roll over that menu item. This allows you to quickly see the most recent content, our various “Featured Series”, a full taxonomy of all topics (art, politics, spirituality, etc.), and a way to browse via media type (audio, video, art gallery, etc.) Just roll over these items on the left side within the Perspectives sub-menu to find these different ways of navigating.

Or you can just click on the “Perspectives” link in the menu, which will take you to a full page of content, with the ability to filter by topic.

COURSES — Here is where you can find all of our various courses and training programs. Integral Life members receive an automatic 20% discount off all programs.

LIVE — This is the page where you can watch our live webinars and presentations. We do these several times per month, with folks like Ken Wilber, Dr. Keith Witt, Jeff Salzman, and Corey deVos. You can find a full schedule of upcoming live events on this page.

COMMUNITY — This is our community forum, where you can post or respond to threads, discuss our published content, etc.

ME — Here is where you can find all of your various account settings, all courses you’ve enrolled in, all notes you’ve made on the site, and a place where you can even sign up to be an affiliate, allowing you to earn a portion of all revenue generated from any links you might share with friends, family, social media networks, etc.

SEARCH (magnifying glass): And finally, our site-wide search. Just plug in a name, topic, or keyword to help find whatever it is you might be looking for.

There are a couple other site features we want to mention as well:

NOTES — All members can use our free journaling app. You should see a small icon on the bottom-left corner of all content pages. If you click that, a notepad will pop up, allowing you to write any reflections that might come up for you while listening. These notes are 100% private, and will remain “attached” to the page you took them on (in other words, if you go back to the same page a month later and click that notes icon, you will see whatever notes you recorded the last time you were on the page.) All of these notes are compiled in the My Notes section of the ME menu.

GLOSSARY — As you check out the site, you might notice some terms have a feint underline beneath them. If you roll over these terms, you will see a pop-up glossary to help you familiarize yourself with the terminology.

INTEGRAL BASICS — If you are looking for some good basic-level content to help you learn more about the integral model itself, you can check out the material in the Integral Basics section of the site, here.

We hope this helps! If you have any other questions about how to use the site, feel free to submit a support ticket here.

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