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I think we can safely say we live in very interesting times. Our global cultural continues to unfold in a myriad of ways that seem chaotic and unstable, yet filled with potential. When we ask the question, is the news on all that is emerging reaching us in ways that are really different from what we have experienced before, the answer for me is YES! No judgement yet on whether this is a good or bad thing, just that news reporting has changed fundamentally in the past 5 years.

One of the qualities of this post-truth world is that we are buried in a growing tsunami of NEWS perspectives, some factual and some not. I’ve always been interested in the stories we tell about our now and future selves because I believe what we imagine influences how and why we form opinions and take action in the world. The news that informs us is part of that.

The first thing I can say upfront concerning the current news environment… “you just can’t write this stuff!!!” It feels totally unprecedented to me. Concepts like alternative truth or fake news are bandied about as if they are the new normal. They are repeated over and over again by a variety of 24/7 sources until they seem to have some validity. Who knows, in the end they may.

In many instances these “news stories” are not fact based reporting anymore, but someone’s “opinion driven programming.” But before we claim all sanity is lost, let’s remember (from an Integral perspective) this seeming chaos is to be expected. We claim we are in a transition from extractive meaning making systems to more generative discernments. As in all transitions, the established order fractures as it reaches to higher levels of complexity. Yet even knowing that, the question remains, how do we stay informed while this evolutionary advance into novelty sorts itself out.

In this series of dispatches I’m going attempt to give you a basic premier about what is changing about the news. Then I am going to continue to track this story as it continues to emerge. I predict at the end of these first videos that 2018 would be the year we would finally wake up about the role that tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon have in shaping our cultural conversation. Little did I foresee that as a result of the investigation into Russia’s meddling in our 2016 elections, the tech giants would be challenged around the world to explain how they were safeguarding the data they were collecting from all of us as we use their search and social media platforms. And lastly the accuracy of the news that results from collecting our data. So, all of that is to come. As you watch these videos, ask yourself the following (and feel free to use the Notes app in the lower-left corner of this screen to record your thoughts):

What stories are informing me about the current cultural landscape, and how is my engagement with these stories influencing my thoughts, feelings, and actions in the world?

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    David. Great series so far. Loved the background and the solution “make better” options available. Real and tangible. I hope these are available to the wider global audience. Yup…a great story-teller are you!! 👍👍

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    David, how about captioning all videos for hearing impaired viewers? I have been an Integral subscriber for a long time and am getting only half the services when they are offered by voice only. Just sharing.

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