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Lynne Feldman

Lynne Feldman

Lynne Feldman, MA, JD, is a New Jersey-based lawyer, teacher, and chaplain. Her book Integral Healing tells the story of her recovery from two forms of life-threatening cancer, and outlines her unique integral approach to healing. Feldman has enjoyed two successful careers. As a practicing lawyer since 1986, she handled both civil and criminal cases, including multiple appearances before the New Jersey Appellate and Supreme Courts. She served as an educator for over 30 years, and was honored by the White House, New Jersey State Legislature, and the Governor for her work with youth. Lynne currently serves as a clinically trained chaplain, helping victims of serious illness to cope with their disease.


Integral Healing: A More Complete Path to Wellness


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Lynne Feldman is a long-time student, supporter, and practitioner of integral living. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with two particularly nasty forms of cancer. This is her story, a remarkable and inspiring journey through some of the deepest, darkest, and most liberating regions of the heart. Listen as Lynne talks to Ken Wilber about her experience, weaving her personal story with a step-by-step breakdown of a far more comprehensive approach to healing that she crafted over several years — invaluable insights to aid you on your own path to wellness and wholeness.