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Vanessa Fisher

Vanessa Fisher

Vanessa D. Fisher is a published author, poet, public speaker, cultural critic, and self-ascribed Global Nomad with a keen interest in international issues as they intersect with gender, spirituality, art and culture. Originally from Canada, Vanessa now lives in South Korea, where she works as an ESL teacher and is an active volunteer for international organizations related to women's issues and sex trafficking.

In her early 20s, Vanessa completed her degree in Religion, Literature, and the Arts from the University of British Columbia and pursued her career as an author and public speaker on issues of gender, sexuality, pop culture and spirituality. At age twenty-seven, after years of working with many inspired spiritual leaders and organizations in North America, her passion for adventure and her desire to bridge cross-cultural connections with Asia and beyond brought her to South Korea, which is the first stop of her nomadic pilgrimage around the world. Vanessa's given Korean name is 초화 (Chohwa), which translates as "the first fire." She has gained a reputation for her rebellious spirit, her blunt honesty, her deep commitment to truth and justice, and her love for art and beauty in all its forms.


Beauty and the Expansion of Women’s Identity

The history of women’s beauty is written in bodily gestures that express both the constraints of their culture as well as the unfolding desire of their interiority. Embracing the power of beauty has always been problematic for feminism, and for good reason. This article offers an integrative analysis of the current views that dominate feminist discourse on women’s beauty, as well as a personal story of Vanessa’s own ongoing journey as a young woman trying to reclaim her beauty for the benefit of all beings.