The Art of Happiness (with Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos)


Embodying happiness-increasing practices like performing kind acts and celebrating loved ones victories and triumphs are healing, and also open us up to deeper compassionate understanding and equanimity. Embracing happiness-producing perspectives like an optimistic explanatory style and growth mindsets help us become more joyful and wise. Engaging in kind acts, celebrating loved ones’ victories, and cultivating optimistic explanatory styles and growth mindsets are particularly potent practices and perspectives, but there are lots more!


Hope for the Christian Contemplative Movement (with Fr. Thomas Keating)

We are deeply saddened for the loss of our beloved friend, Father Thomas Keating, who passed away peacefully last Thursday, October 25th. We at Integral Life are immensely grateful for the incredible kindness, grace, and wisdom that Father Keating has shared with us over these many years, for inviting us to discover the brilliant silence at the very center of our own hearts, and for shining his light upon the path that so many of us find ourselves walking. Father Keating’s remarkable life has made an immeasurable impact upon our inner and outer worlds — and though he has finally saw fit to release himself from his mortal body, we know that the work he accomplished with the time he had, as well as the luminous presence of his timeless spirit, will both continue to radiate through our lives and our hearts for countless generations to come.