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Enneagram 9 in Practice

April 20 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

How does your core fear of losing connection or being fragmented or your core desire to be at peace show up in your daily experience? What triggers you to “numb out” to maintain a self-image of being “comfortable/harmonious?” How often do you allow yourself to take positive action rather than becoming stuck in resistance? When are you focused on avoiding conflict or seeing all points of view over making personal decisions or taking a stand? Join Kevin Snorf for a monthly facilitated practice group designed specifically for Enneagram 9’s, where we will support each other on the path of becoming self-possessed, dynamic and present.

Meet Your Practice Leader

Kevin previously was the Director of Training and Development for Integral Coaching Canada and was faculty there for 8 years while maintaining his own successful coaching practice. He recently took a short- term “early retirement” for 4 years in the form of recuperating from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Prior to that he was also at UC Santa Cruz for the last 15+ years teaching Integrally-informed somatic arts in Warrior Yoga, Meditation, Acrobatics, and Mixed Martial Arts to students, athletes, and faculty looking to embody new potential and find grace in the face of personal struggles. He also spent 9 of those years teaching yoga to at-risk youth in the public schools and prisons. Kevin co-wrote an article for JITP applying ICC’s approach to climate change. He is currently building a school of practice for those who want to impact wider scale changes in the world. And in one of his more remarkable developmental hurdles he got over his commitment fears and got married to the amazing Tami. He has a rich ILP base especially with many Integral Spiritual Teachers, a Masters in Psychology, a background in ecological design, and a firm commitment to finding practical applications of “Integral” that reduce suffering and increase humor.

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April 20
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT
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Kevin Snorf