Your Enneagram Type: An Introduction

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elcome to the Integral Enneagram Practice series! On this page you can find some introductory material by practice leader Lee Mason to help familiarize yourself with the Integral Enneagram and the nine different personality types it describes.

If you are already familiar with your own Enneagram type, you can skip to your own type in the videos below. You can also watch the rest of the videos in order to learn more about the other types, so you can learn to relate more deeply and skillfully with your friends, family, and peers who may identify with them.

Not sure of your type? There are all sorts of Enneagram typing tools available online, but of course it usually takes a lot lots of time, self-reflection, and guidance in order to figure out your own type. One really great place to start is the short Enneagram test below. We also encourage you to check out this short practice with Helen Palmer.



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COVID-19 Through the Lens of the Enneagram

Leslie Hershberger and Corey deVos

How are different Enneagram types dealing with these new life conditions that are being imposed upon us all? What are the different coping strategies and pain points and opportunities for transformation? How can the Integral Enneagram help us bring more care, compassion, and connection to our own integral family? Watch this very special episode to find out.

Patterns of Resistance: What Stands Between You and Spiritual Experience?

Helen Palmer

What is preventing you from fully experiencing your own timeless divine nature, right now in this very moment? Watch as Helen Palmer presents the Enneagram as a means to recognize and rehabilitate the conditioning of the everyday ego — reducing the opacity of our everyday habituated minds, transcending the illusion of separation, and allowing the self-liberating light of God to shine through more clearly.

Patterns of Projection: Reclaim the Best of You

Helen Palmer

World-renowned Enneagram teacher Helen Palmer explores some of the primary patterns that our projections take, each pattern corresponding to our own Enneagram type. She also describes some simple techniques to help us identify and integrate our own psychological projections, helping us to fully own our unconscious shadows and reclaim the very best parts of ourselves.

Imagining the Future Through Your Enneagram Type

Helen Palmer

Helen offers a stunning presentation about the narrative tradition of the Enneagram, taking us on a guided journey into the nine fundamental patterns of being.