Kevin Snorf

Kevin Snorf

Kevin previously was the Director of Training and Development for Integral Coaching Canada and was faculty there for 8 years while maintaining his own successful coaching practice. Kevin co-wrote an article for JITP applying ICC’s approach to climate change. He is currently building a school of practice for those who want to impact wider scale changes in the world. He has a rich ILP base especially with many Integral Spiritual Teachers, a Masters in Psychology, a background in ecological design, and a firm commitment to finding practical applications of "Integral" that reduce suffering and increase humor.

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Tapping Into Divine Guidance


“Tapping into Divine guidance” is a term most of us in the Integral family are familiar with. But what is the difference between that and prophesy or prophesizing? And what would practicing a prophetic modality entail? Join Lisa and Kevin with guest practitioner Rodrick Chambers, an ordained minister and spiritual coach, as we dive into the role of prophesy in the 21st Century.