Work as Practice, Practice as Work

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What would it look like to re-imagine and redefine the very ways we relate to and participate in our work?

In the aftermath of the great resignation, and with headlines talking of “quietly quitting,” what has become clear is that we are in the middle of a global crisis precipitated on a decade or more of rising levels of dissatisfaction with what we call “work.” And while the pandemic was the proverbial straw in this case, the fundamental issue is that we want more from our relationship with work – especially given that it is the place where we spend the majority of our waking hours each week.

In this episode Lisa and Kevin speak with Kent Frazier, founder of Fully Human at Work, to understand what practice looks like in this context of our lives.

There is no better time than now to recommit to your practice and to your personal transformation.

We are all standing at the cusp of a new “Transformation Age”, which is calling us to find new strategies in order to overcome the challenges and pressures we are facing in just about every dimension of our lives — our political systems, our economic systems, our cultural conflicts, our physical health and behaviors, our mental health and personal sense of meaning, etc.

All of these challenges require exactly the sort of wisdom, mindfulness, and skillful engagement that we are cultivating with the Integral Life community. And we very much want you to be part of this incredible community of practice, so that this evolutionary unfolding can move through you rather than around you.

Be sure to check out our calendar of daily live practice sessions, as well as our collection of self-directed practices.

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Lisa Frost

About Lisa Frost

Lisa is an Integral Master Coach and facilitator and specializes in helping individuals traverse complex crises, change and major life transitions – both in professional and personal contexts. She helps individuals thrive in the midst of uncertainty and work through the aspects of self that hold us back from realizing the profound sense of fulfillment and joy that is available to all. She has deep personal practices of surrender and shadow work and enjoys hiking with her dogs in her spare time.

Kevin Snorf

About Kevin Snorf

Kevin previously was the Director of Training and Development for Integral Coaching Canada and was faculty there for 8 years while maintaining his own successful coaching practice. He recently took a short- term “early retirement” for 4 years in the form of recuperating from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Prior to that he was also at UC Santa Cruz for the last 15+ years teaching Integrally-informed somatic arts in Warrior Yoga, Meditation, Acrobatics, and Mixed Martial Arts to students, athletes, and faculty looking to embody new potential and find grace in the face of personal struggles. He also spent 9 of those years teaching yoga to at-risk youth in the public schools and prisons. Kevin co-wrote an article for JITP applying ICC’s approach to climate change. He is currently building a school of practice for those who want to impact wider scale changes in the world. And in one of his more remarkable developmental hurdles he got over his commitment fears and got married to the amazing Tami. He has a rich ILP base especially with many Integral Spiritual Teachers, a Masters in Psychology, a background in ecological design, and a firm commitment to finding practical applications of "Integral" that reduce suffering and increase humor. To connect with Kevin >

Kent Frazier

About Kent Frazier

Kent Frazier’s primary role and love is as single dad, 50% co-parent, to two beautiful and bountiful toddlers. He was certified as an Integral Master Coach through Integral Coaching Canada in 2012, and applies the ICC methodology to help lead a transformational coaching and organizational consulting practice, ParadoxEdge, who’s current offering is expressed as, Fully Human at Work. Kent currently lives in Denver, CO, and is a life-long performing vocalist and guitarist, competitive athlete, Ironman finisher, yogi, budding gardener, and all around lover of life’s full expression, inside and out (even the messy and painful parts, my fellow sevens).