Never Been Better, Never Felt Worse: Inside the Rise of an Integral Global Operating System for the 21st Century

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In this keynote address, Integral Life CEO Robb Smith puts the tumult of 2017 into historical perspective and looks ahead at the “momentous leap into the transformation age” that he believes is underway right now. Taking a long view of history, evolutionary dynamics, culture and economics, Robb argues that we’re at the peak of a Green, pluralistic global operating system, with Orange modernism slipping into our rearview mirror, and Teal integralism just beginning to emerge, holding all the promise of overcoming the evolutionary contradictions that gave rise to populism and leaders like Donald Trump.

Robb’s keynote video is available above for free, but you will want to become a member of Integral Life to watch the Q&A with Jeff Salzman.

In the follow-up Q&A to his keynote (available to Integral Life members) Robb Smith sits down with Jeff Salzman to respond to various questions posed by his view of a momentous leap into the transformation age. Though only enough time for brief discussions on the broad scope of topics–from climate change to the American dream to countering populism–in the discussion you’ll hear Robb’s reminder that it’s very easy to get stuck in a certain kind of present-oriented myopia: one that both forgets the progress of the past and ignores the amazing progress to come if we take seriously the challenge of building a resilient society.

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Robb Smith

About Robb Smith

Robb Smith is a leading thinker on the Transformation Age and the global Integral movement. He is the creator of the augmented leadership platform Context, co-founder and CEO of Integral Life and founder of the Institute of Applied Metatheory.


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    I am somewhat saddened by the appearance of “Cryptocurrency” at the very top right of the chart you are using. It is my great hope that we get away from currencies and monetary systems that encourage nothing but speculation and gambling with no encouragement of creating actual value and benefits (for self and others.)
    I know that there is much hype around cryptocurrency and even more so the underlying blockchain technology but: Whenever I enquire a bit deeper into blockchain most of the proponents admit that the benefits aren’t actually as great or as real as they say. At most the “benefits” seem to be on the extreme libertarian side (and it is questionable–at least to me that this is a good thing)
    Don’t get me wrong. I was a programmer and love technology–even love the benefits that are touted, but they don’t make sense, when you think it through.

    In any case, as far as cryptocurrency is concerned, it seems that its only real benefit seems to be (right now) the amazing amount of money one can make by betting on it. The percentage gains seem to dwarf even derivatives. Even in my own consciousness I notice this: “Did I miss the boat?”, “should I invest now?”, “I need to research this!”–all actually taking me away from focusing on the businesses I run or anything else, which provides actual real value to people.
    But why would I work 60 hours a week helping people and eventually making a couple hundred thousand a year (if I become really successful) when I could just bet $1000 on just the right cryptocurrency and be a multi-millionaire in a few years, while doing nothing real (for myself or others). Or maybe I should be “mining”? But what does that really do for the world? –To me, this is exactly the wrong direction. If I am tempted towards these thoughts, how much more would millions of others? What is truly Integral about this?

    Just wondering…

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    Rob says,” … nobody has a crystal ball …”. Saying it (twice) doesn’t make the statement a reality. I, for one, wouldn’t make such a statement. I’ve seen crystal balls, lots of ’em. Lots of people have ’em. To try to dismiss the fact demonstrates, to me, an unwillingness or inability to “transcend and include” one’s self-imposed, or unconscious boundaries. Let’s get some more “INTEGRAL” light in here, please.

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    A great integral expose on the temper of our time. Understandable, useful, motivating us toward resilience for the years ahead.

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