Supreme Court, Systemic Racism, and Sea Monsters

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elcome to the latest episode of Integral Justice Warrior, where every month Mark Fischler and I take a close look at some of the biggest cultural and legal issues of our time through the lens of integral justice.

Watch as Mark and Corey discuss the state of Trump’s challenges to the election results (e.g. “The Kraken”), the recent Supreme Court decision around religious liberties in the face of a pandemic and what it says about Amy Coney Barrett’s future tenure as Supreme Court Justice, and whether Joe Biden’s plans to address racial justice are coming from healthy liberal values and methods of enforcement, or from unhealthy illiberal (woke) values and enforcement.

Topics include:

0:00 — Introduction
6:24 — Kooks, Coups, and Krakens
23:42 — The Anatomy of the Supreme Court
39:10 — Understanding the Partisan Divide
44:54 — Integral Community Life Conditions
1:01:05 — Racial Justice in the Biden Era
1:38:24 — Saving the Baby (From the Bathwater of Wokism)

We hope that you enjoy the discussion as much as we did! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Mark Fischler

About Mark Fischler

Mark Fischler is a Professor of Criminal justice and current program coordinator for the criminal justice and criminology programs at Plymouth State University. Prior to joining the Plymouth State faculty, he practiced law, representing poor criminal defendants for the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office. Mark has worked extensively with alternative theoretical models in law, constitutional law, and higher education, and has published on integral applications to teaching, being a lawyer, and legal theory. His focus in the classroom is ethics and criminal procedure, and is well respected for a teaching philosophy that emphasizes recognizing the humanity and dignity of each student. Professor Fischler was awarded the outstanding teaching award at his university in 2014. He currently offers a weekly Spiritual Inquiry class through Satya Yoga Studio.

Corey deVos

About Corey deVos

Corey W. deVos is editor and producer of Integral Life. He has worked for Integral Institute/Integal Life since Spring of 2003, and has been a student of integral theory and practice since 1996. Corey is also a professional woodworker, and many of his artworks can be found in his VisionLogix art gallery.