Spirituality, Purpose, and Meaning in Higher Education

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Alexander and Helen Astin are the some of the most widely-quoted authorities in the field of higher education—as Ken alludes early in the dialogue, whenever these two talk it’s generally a good idea to pay attention. Listen as Ken, Alexander, and Helen discuss the complex role of spirituality among college students, the important differences between religion and spiritual life, and the effects religion, spirituality, and academics have upon our worldviews and political ideologies.


Integral Education Reform

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To begin the dialogue on how to create healthy, wise human beings capable of development, we need a map of that child’s potential. The AQAL model is just such a map. It is a comprehensive index of all the things that can go well or poorly in child development. Yet many challenges lie ahead. In this video, Ken Wilber, discusses those challenges. If you work in the field of education, or are merely interested in it, Ken can help you understand what you’re up against.