Why Power Matters: A Conversation with Robb Smith

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At Integral Life’s What NOW conference earlier this year, Robb Smith offered a provocative evolutionary view of power across different levels of sociocultural evolution, describing how there is a new war for power underway. In this new video, David Riordan talks with Robb Smith about the upcoming private Loft Event that Ken Wilber is hosting around power on June 15-17, previewing some of the key topics in store for us in June…

  • The two mega-power narratives at work in the world currently competing for dominance. (They may not be the two you think of first.)
  • Why is power so hard for each of us to get a handle on personally?
  • How are progressives and conservatives uncomfortable with the exercise of power, but in different ways?
  • As cultural currents continue make power such a critical issue, how do we recognize different types of power in ourselves?
  • Why does postmodern consciousness have a particular blind spot when it comes to reacting to hierarchical power structures?

If you’ve considered joining Ken, Keith, Ginny and Robb at the loft or you just want to hear what’s bubbling around power, we invite you to tune in to this brief but juicy Integral exploration of power.

Robb Smith

About Robb Smith

Robb Smith is a leading thinker on the Transformation Age and the global Integral movement. He is the creator of the augmented leadership platform Context, co-founder and CEO of Integral Life and founder of the Institute of Applied Metatheory.

David Riordan

About David Riordan

David Riordan is Vice President of Media Development for Integral Life, Inc. David is responsible for managing Integral Life's media business development, including creating compelling and accessible stories in multiple mediums—including online, DVD and motion picture formats.


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    Hi, interesting and vital topic. For those of us who simply don’t have the rather large amount of money– to attend such ‘loft’ events– but would still like to explore these topics and learn skills to shift cultures– I look forward to seeing the packages– so that the ‘poor folk’ can also benefit…

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