Amir’s Story: From Islamic Fundamentalism to Radical Humanism

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How much do you care about your deepest held ideals, freedoms, and spiritual awakenings? Enough to put your own life at risk?

Watch as Amir Ahmad Nasr, author of My Isl@m: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind — and Doubt Freed My Soul, shares the inspiring story of his escape from persecution in Sudan, navigating Trump’s “Muslim ban” as he sought asylum in the U.S., and the many cultural pressures he’s experienced since he eventually made his new home in Canada. Amir also shares his journey to “radical humanism”, his own hopes and optimistic visions for the future of the Middle East, and why he thinks Integral thought plays such a critical role in the search for peace, stability, and civil rights, both in the region and across the world.



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Amir Ahmad Nasr

About Amir Ahmad Nasr

Described by The Economist as “puckish” and by WIRED as a “formidable speaker,” Amir Ahmad Nasr, also known by his stage name DRIMA, is a Sudanese-born Canadian author, storyteller, producer, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and Director of business storytelling consultancy Assertive & Co.