Barbara Hunt

Barbara Hunt

Barbara J. Hunt is an author, facilitator, coach, and forgiveness specialist. She has many years’ experience in transformational change and leadership training and is a co-founder of Leading Beyond Ego. Her private practice serves individuals and groups nationally and internationally, both on-line and in person. She is also one of the core team of therapists at Vital Detox, a deliberately developmental organisation and the UK’s leading health retreat specialising in emotional and physical wellbeing.

Barbara is passionate about discovering and delivering the most effective tools and practices for conscious living, working and relating and is an advocate for global peace.

Barbara is also a singer, songwriter and musician, who has released several CD albums and single tracks and has gigged throughout the UK. She currently lives in the south west of England, UK.

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The Art of Practice: Forgiveness Made Easy

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To authentically forgive — what Barbara describes as “the absolute refusal to hold ill will against someone for what they did or didn’t do” — can actually be tremendously challenging. Fortunately Barbara Hunt is with us to help make it simple. Watch as Barbara talks to Lisa and Corey about forgiveness as an integral “master practice” — a practice that scaffolds and supports the rest of our various waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up practices.