Leslie Hershberger

Leslie Hershberger

Leslie Hershberger is a natural teacher, facilitator and writer who integrates the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, three centered contemplative practice and Integral theory to help people and groups understand themselves, others and the world through a deeper, more expansive lens.

She also created the internationally popular web course Coming Home with Ken Wilber and David Riordan of Integral Life which helps Christians develop an evolutionary Integral Christian practice that harnesses the power of self-emptying love as embodied by the Christ. With a background in education, theology and integral theory, Leslie aspires to teach, value and embody the Haitian proverb, "I see from where I stand."

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COVID-19 Through the Lens of the Enneagram


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How are different Enneagram types dealing with these new life conditions that are being imposed upon us all? What are the different coping strategies and pain points and opportunities for transformation? How can the Integral Enneagram help us bring more care, compassion, and connection to our own integral family? Watch this very special episode to find out.