Biden’s First Month, Trump’s Second Impeachment, and Cancelling Cancel Culture

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ow is the Biden Presidency going so far?

Will Donald Trump be convicted in the Senate for his impeachment trial?

Now that the political left has regained tentative control of our government, what do we do about “cancel culture” and other illiberal tendencies coming from the left?

Watch this latest episode of Integral Justice Warrior as Mark and Corey shine a light upon these three questions.

Topics include:

0:00 — Biden’s First Year
42:50 — Trump’s Second Impeachment
1:22:05 — Cancelling Cancel Culture

We hope that you enjoy the discussion as much as we did! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Mark Fischler

About Mark Fischler

Professor Fischler has worked extensively with alternative theoretical models in law, constitutional law, and higher education, and has published on integral applications to teaching, being a lawyer, and legal theory. His focus in the classroom is ethics and criminal procedure, and he is well respected for a teaching philosophy that emphasizes recognizing the humanity and dignity of each student.

Corey deVos

About Corey deVos

Corey W. deVos is Editor-in-Chief of Integral Life, as well as Managing Editor of He has worked for Integral Institute/Integal Life since Spring of 2003, and has been a student of integral theory and practice since 1996. Corey is also a professional woodworker, and many of his artworks can be found in his VisionLogix art gallery.

Notable Replies

  1. I also find the relatively recent “Cancel Culture” points and counterpoints to be extremely myopic.

    Conservatism literally means keeping the status quo and returning to the “God Old Days” of either 1980’s or 1950’s in White Christian Heterosexual Middle Class USA.
    Conservativism is the original cancel culture movement and goes to extremes to make it illegal or difficult to live as other than what they believe US culture should be.
    The examples are overwhelming. It was actually illegal to be LGBT and serve in the Military until “don’t ask, don’t tell” came along. It was impossible to have top secret clearance as well or have executive positions in most corporations. There was a reprieve from this for many years, but the Trump administration returned to an attempt to cancel LGBT culture through executive actions.
    Indeed, any alternative lifestyle is viewed negatively by American Conservatism. Single parent families are openly stated as bad for America and legislated against in tax code and Labor laws.
    One just has to listen to AM talk radio during any 15 minute time period on any day between 1990 and today to hear diatribes calling to cancel alternative cultures. Starting in 2016 with the election of Trump this active cancel culture efforts of conservatism moved from legal methods to extralegal methods, violence, vigilantism and finally an attempt to violently overthrow the results of a Democratic Election. To this day the planning continues in conservative communities to violently cancel culture. Formerly Alt-Right concepts are now redefined as mainstream conservatism, and conservatives who disagree with the extremism of the past four years are now ironically labelled RINO. We can call this cancel culture as well. Conservatism of 1950 to 2015 that was compromising, peaceful, logically consistent and ethical has been cancelled by conservatism that is uncompromising, violent, logically inconsistent and unethical.
    It really is difficult for me to empathize why these two cultures should not be cancelled.
    First the culture that forced myself and several generations of people to wear masks throughout childhood and into adulthood, pretending to conform to societal capitalist militarism in daily life while “Alt” culture was only tolerated in the shadows. Then the violent extremism that seeks to replace it and make the United States a place where only one culture is allowed.

    It’s just really hard for me to see the current cancel culture claimed by conservativism as other than holding an uncompromising position then claiming victim status when their culture is by definition and actions actively attempting even to the point of violence and revolution to cancel other culture.

  2. I’m more of a left-winger. I’m not much of a fan of either liberal identity politics or right-wing identity politics. Nor do I support “political correctness” and “cancel culture.” But let’s be realistic and let’s be informed. If we go back to the Cold War, we should remember that often the liberal class in the corporate media and corrporatist politics were among the most strident Cold Warriors in siding with the right and silencing the left. It’s never been easy to be on the left in Amerian society, not then and not now.

    Cancel culture is Bill O’Reilly repeatedly calling Dr. George Tiller a “baby killer” until one of O’Reilly’s viewers acted by killing Dr. Tiller. Cancel culture is Alex Jones rantng about the Pizzagate conspiracy about a cabal of pedophiles until one of his listeners shows up at the Pizza restaurant wth a gun. Or when Jones used harassment in trying to silence the parents of the students killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Cancel culture is right-wingers driving vehicles into crowds of left-wingers. Cancel culture is the constant shootings, hate crimes, and terrorism mostly committed by the political right. And the political left is disproportiionately the target of violence. One study found that the police were more likely to use violence against peaceful leftist protesters than against peaceful rightist protesters.

    Also, cancel culture is when Donald Trump, Fox News hacks, etc constantly go on about how anyone who disagrees with them should be fired. Cancel culture is Jordan Peterson’s habit of suing people who are critical of him. Cancel culture is when David Graeber couldn’t find work in any US university. Cancel culture is when professors are fired for supporting Palestinians or being critical of Israel.

    Did you know there is still a US law on the book that makes belonging to the communist party illegal? It hasn’t been enforced in a long time, but Trump when president suggested it should be used again. Also, think of COINTELPRO that was used to destroy leftist groups in the past. Technically, COINTELPRO is illegal; and yet that hasn’t stopped the government from using COINTELPRO tactics since 9/11.

    And corporate media supposedly as a left-wing bias. Really!?! Give me a break.

    Using Free Speech Rhetoric to Silence Opponents
    Right-Wing Political Correctness, Censorship, and Silencing
    Framing Free Speech
    Anarchists Not In Universities
    Corporate-Ruled MSM & DNC Is Left-Wing, Says Corporatist Right-Wingers

  3. Here is a less well known example of “cancel culture”. We know how the political right obsesses over xenophobia, anti-immigrant politics, and targeting minorities. It’s an old history that goes back to early America. But it has often taken forms we don’t think about because the education system and news media rarely talks about it.

    Benjamin Franklin complained about the Palatine Germans, the majority of Pennsylvanians at the time, who not only were questionable in their whiteness (with darker skin and hair) but, even worse, they refused to assimilate. The Pennsylvanian government had to print all public notices in both English and German.

    German-Americans, in general, were still resisting assimilation into the 20th century. And, indeed, this went hand in hand with anti-German sentiments, particularly in the world war era. They were the single largest and influential ethnic population, larger than even Anglo-Americans, which is what made them such a threat.

    German populations weren’t necessarily perceived as being the same race as the English. In early criminal records into the 20th century, as with blacks, Germans and Italians and Jews were listed in their own separate categories. This was probably influenced by German-Americans, in particular, having their own separate communities.

    Across the United States, there were millions of citzens who spoke German as a first or second language. There was a large industry of newspapers, magazines, and books written in the German language. In areas where they were the majority, German-Amercan ministers and public school teachers spoke in German.

    Then, even before World War I, there was a growing backlash from anti-immigrant and anti-ethnic groups like the Klan. English only laws were passed in numerous states that prohibited using any other language. Then, with the world wars, mass hysteria led to German-Americans being terrorized and put into internment camps.

    In fear of violence and prejudice, those of German ancestry stopped speaking German, lost their accents, eliminated all trace of their culture, anglicized their names, etc. A generation of German-Americans grew not knowing their own ancestry. Also, all the streets, buildings, and foods with German names were mostly changed as well.

    All traces of German-American ethnicty, culture, language, and identity were erased from the public mind and all evidence was eliminated. It was a legally-enforced and often violently-enforced assimilation. And most of that happened in livng memory. t wasn’t merely a culture of canceling but a canceling of culture through forced assmilation into cultural homogenization and hegemony.

    About “cancel culture” in general, here are some articles of possible interest:

    If Americans Grappled Honestly With Their History, Would Any Monuments Be Left Standing?
    Talk about cancel culture. Bill would censor slavery text in Missouri classrooms
    Tom Cotton’s war on the 1619 Project is the real ‘cancel culture’
    Hollywood Blacklist? Cancel Culture? Accountability!
    The Real Cancel Culture: Pro-Israel Blacklists
    Panic Over ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Another Example of Right-Wing Projection

  4. In the last part of the episode Corey argues that the idea of free speech developed alongside the concept of privacy. And that the latter started only about 300 years ago when rich people started building private toilets. He also said things have been going downhill since we stopped looking each other in the eye when shitting together. This last was said half jokingly. I find his very interesting, just like the points you raise about he concepts of privacy and family in “non-western” cultures.

    I see also a link between these 2 concepts and some aspects of reading and writing, like writing a diary or a novel. I see some connections with the orange meme as well. I could also see the need for privacy arise as a reaction to religious violence such as the inquisition and the canceling of other cultures and religions.

  5. I am not convinced this statement of you is correct:
    “The more individualistic we become, the more we require external social control to maintain social order. There is no way of getting around that.”

    Maybe it is just the word “require” that I don’t agree with.

    With the development of consciousness along the stages, there is a lot of room for self control, this goes much beyond just the internalization of external controls.

    It also depends what you mean by social order. Can you explain?

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