Doing Justice: Integral Law and the Mueller Report

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In this new monthly series with Mark Fischler, we take a look at some of the most pressing and most complex issues of our time through the lens of Integral Law. In this special premiere episode Mark describes his own background, how he arrived at this fascinating intersection between the integral world and the legal world, and what exactly he means by the phrase “integral law”.

Mark and Corey then turn their attention to the big story of our day — the Mueller report — offering their own views about the investigation, Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Mueller Report, and how this story might play out in the weeks and months to come.

Topics include:

  • What is “Integral Law”?
  • What were the origins of the Mueller investigation?
  • What were the main conclusions of the Mueller report, as summarized by William Barr?
  • What are the different kinds of “burden of proof”, and how do they apply to this investigation?
  • Does the Mueller report (or what we know about it) actually exonerate President Trump?
  • If Mueller’s investigation did not surface evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” of Trump conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election, does that mean the entire investigation by the FBI and the media was a sham? Or was the investigation justified, regardless of the evidence it reveals?
  • If the Mueller report does end up providing evidence of Trump’s complicity, should Democrats move to impeach him?
What do you think? This conversation represents the views of two enthusiastic integralists — but as is the case with all views, reasonable people can disagree. Let us know if you have any questions about this discussion, or any questions you would like us to explore in future episodes, by filling out the form to the right.

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Mark Fischler

About Mark Fischler

Mark Fischler is a Professor of Criminal justice and current program coordinator for the criminal justice and criminology programs at Plymouth State University. Prior to joining the Plymouth State faculty, he practiced law, representing poor criminal defendants for the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office. Mark has worked extensively with alternative theoretical models in law, constitutional law, and higher education, and has published on integral applications to teaching, being a lawyer, and legal theory. His focus in the classroom is ethics and criminal procedure, and is well respected for a teaching philosophy that emphasizes recognizing the humanity and dignity of each student. Professor Fischler was awarded the outstanding teaching award at his university in 2014. He currently offers a weekly Spiritual Inquiry class through Satya Yoga Studio.

Corey deVos

About Corey deVos

Corey W. deVos is editor and producer of Integral Life. He has worked for Integral Institute/Integal Life since Spring of 2003, and has been a student of integral theory and practice since 1996. Corey is also a professional woodworker, and many of his artworks can be found in his VisionLogix art gallery.