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  2. Nomali Perera

Nomali Perera

Nomali Perera, MA, PCC, has been in the field of leadership development coaching, facilitation and teaching since 2007. Nomali is a trained facilitator of the Immunity to Change™ process, a Master Coach at Life XT and a certified Integral Master Coach through Integral Coaching Canada. Nomali has also been a professional consultant in people development and training in Brazil and Mexico. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Listening Lab

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

One of the most profound gifts we could ever receive is to be truly heard, seen and known. In this session our primary wish would be to co-create connection and wisdom through deep listening, sincere curiosity, active exchange and compassionate presence. At each Listening Lab, we will also try to create a safe and brave space for one or more participants to be the recipient of loving support through the community of attendees.

The John Vervaeke Study Group: Episodes 8 & 9

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join this ongoing study group to participate in the brilliant work of John Vervaeke, professor of cognitive science and Buddhist psychology at the University of Toronto. He offers a deep context to what we might experience as a meaning crisis — the endless difficulty of finding deep connection and the complex conundrum of sense-making--or what Ken Wilber called, “a world gone slightly mad” in his book The Eye of Spirit.

Polarity Lab: Polarization Across The Pandemic

Virtual Practice Session Virtual Practice Session

Join this session to learn how to spot and work with polarities in your personal and professional lives, relationships and the hyper-polarized world around around us nationally and globally. Through small experiments, discussion, Q&A and small groups, let’s explore this beautiful practice that builds complexity-resilience and synthesis of interdependent and competing values.