Rollie Stanich

Rollie Stanich

Rollie Stanich grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was awarded the University of Calgary's highest scholarship for four consecutive years, and graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Management in 1990. He taught at the University's Faculty of Continuing Education for several years, then worked for ten years in software development in Montreal. Rollie assisted with the early development of the Integral Naked website and joined Integral Institute as the site's Managing Editor in 2004. A year later, he was appointed to his present position as Chief Facilitator of Integral Spiritual Center. He co-organized numerous ISC seminars on Integral Buddhism and Integral Christianity and the ISC Teachers' Gatherings of 2005, 2006, and 2007. Rollie presented on the work of James Fowler and Ken Wilber at the third ISC Teachers' Gathering, and is a frequent teacher at Boulder Integral, Denver's Buddhist/Christian Interfaith Group, and at Integral Salons and seminars across the U.S. and Canada.

Rollie's spiritual path is that of contemplative Christianity. He is a practitioner of Centering Prayer and a longtime student of Fr. Thomas Keating. He co-wrote and co-produced the 2008 Integral Life DVD The Future of Christianity, and is currently writing a book about Integral Christianity entitled Who do You Say that I Am?

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Integral Spiritual Explorations: What Is Integral Spirituality?

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What exactly do we mean by spirituality, and what do we mean specifically by “integral spirituality?” In this discussion, Nomali Perera presents a brief but vast array of ways in which we can explore this topic of integral spirituality. Her guests, longtime integral spiritual teachers and practitioners, Lama Pema Dragpa, Jeff Salzman & Rollie Stanich share their own inquiries and ideas of practices as well as answer questions from event attendees. At the end, you’ll also find a great integral anthem, “Universe Communion” by Stuart Davis, which beautifully captures the theme of integral spirituality.


Inhabit: Your Heart

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Watch as Corey deVos, Ryan Oelke, and special guest Rollie Stanich explore the vast and tender territories of the Integral Heart. This is an invitation to continue opening your own most Integral heart, and allow it to infuse and inform all of our actions and interactions together — to lead our lives with both wisdom and compassion, with both discernment and tenderness, with both insight and humility — so that we may use our integral minds and hearts to recognize, appreciate, and incorporate the partial truths that each of us are trying to bring to each other.