Sex, Death, and the Creative Mystery

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Stuart Davis talks to host Steve Banks about his own creative process, the central themes that inform his art, and how he unpacks the radical unknowable mystery at the center of the creative furnace.

Stuart and Steve begin by introducing two themes in particular that run through Stuart’s work: sex and death (aka eros and thanatos, creativity and destruction, the self-transcending and self-dissolving drives shared by all holons in the Kosmos). They then explore how these themes are all expressions of a single primordial creative lineage running through all of our human activities, and indeed through all manifestations in this universe.

It is the same primordial creative impulse that continues to pull something out of nothing, again and again, moment after moment. And it is the same creative mystery that sits at the innermost core of you, igniting your heart, your mind, and even the countless stars in the sky, calling you to consciously participate with the singular everpresent flow of creative emergence.

“Everything we can point to that’s redeeming about humanity, comes from the tradition of “something from nothing”, from primordial creativity. That’s the actual lineage that gave birth to all the other lineages; everything propagates forward from that.”Stuart Davis

Stephen also talks to Stuart about his own work, Blue Pearl: A One World Oratorio. You can find a demo of this piece at where you can also buy tickets for the world premiere on 14th May 22, in London or live stream + 7 days on demand.

We hope you enjoy the conversation! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Listen to a demo recording of Steve’s

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Stuart Davis

About Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis is a longtime friend of Integral Life and Ken Wilber, and has acted as guest host for many Integral Life dialogues over the last decade. With fifteen full-length albums to his credit, Stuart has carved out a unique wavelength in the musical spectrum. Taking the topics of God, sex and death, and crafting them into inimitable pop songs with lyrical flair and unforgettable hooks, Stuart also works in television, film, painting, and books.

Stephen Banks

About Stephen Banks

Steve is deeply immersed in Ken Wilber’s ‘Integral’ theory and has presented at the Integral European Conference. In 2013 Steve set out to compose a large-scale choral work giving expression to the Integral view of humanity and our place in the Kosmos. The result is ‘Blue Pearl: A One World Oratorio’, a ground-breaking, inspirational work which will have its world premiere on 14.5.22 in London and streamed online live and on demand. Ken Wilber has described the oratorio as a ‘A superb, exhilarating, magical piece of music.’ You can listen to a demo recording of Blue Pearl, and read more about it, at Steve’s website, As a violinist, drummer and singer, Steve has performed classical, folk, and world music with ensembles as diverse as the London Symphony Orchestra and the Carnival Band. He has been writing and arranging songs for 30 years. Alongside music, the other main stream of Steve’s life has been a rich and varied journey of psycho-spiritual healing and exploration. This included training as a Psychosynthesis counsellor, which he went on to apply in leadership development. He has been practicing meditation in the Buddhist tradition for many years.