The Art of Tribal Leadership

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If you really want to fulfill your dreams, one of the best ways to improve your chances is to do a bit of work to understand and upgrade your culture. Author Dave Logan talks to Ken Wilber about the five levels of our professional tribes, offering a glimpse into the values and strategies of the world’s most effective leaders—and some of the ways you can become one of them.

“It’s a fact of life: birds flock, fish school, people tribe.”Dave Logan
Even in the midst of a busy modern life it is likely you belong to many tribes. One of the most common tribes is that of the modern workplace, where we encounter five different stages that tribes can grow through. Each tribal stage has a prevailing language that the group uses, reflecting the integral insight that there is an increasing hierarchy of values and language in the lower-left cultural quadrant, progressing from a dour egocentrism to a righteous ethnocentrism to a magnanimous worldcentrism. And, as evidenced by the popularity of shows like “The Office,” an astonishing 22% of companies are actually stage 2 tribes, whose common unifying language is that “we suck.”

Ken Wilber and Dave Logan, bestselling co-author of Tribal Leadership, explore the power and promise of groundbreaking research on how we can unleash the power of tribes to transform organizational cultures and expand human consciousness—and how, in age of terrorism and competing worldviews, it is imperative that leaders learn how to use tribal transformation for broader social transformation.

Dave Logan

About Dave Logan

Dave Logan is co-founder and senior partner of CultureSync, a management consulting firm specializing in cultural change, strategy, and negotiation.  CultureSync’s clients include Intel, Colliers International, American Express, Prudential, and Health Net. He has written two books in addition to Tribal Leadership.

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