Fatherhood and Leadership in a Time Between Eras

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The long-awaited emergence of “Teal” as a shape of consciousness, set of life conditions, and accompanying techno-economic structure is upon us, and will increasingly emerge with the rise of The Transformation Age. The Integral Philosophy movement inhabits just one small niche of this broader phenomena that inside Integral Life we simply call “Emergent Teal”.

Populated by a diverse set of people and organizations, starting this year Integral Life has begun opening its platform to a broader set of voices, hosts and activities—look out for many exciting announcements coming your way soon—and also begun to engage with some of these talented people, like the one here, an “open class” format which arose from an interaction among Perspectiva’s Jonathan Rowson, The PopUp School’s Bonnitta Roy, GameB’s Jordan Greenhall and myself on Twitter.

I was excited to join this conversation because our host, the brilliant Bonnitta Roy, intentionally focused on the personal and concrete among the three guests — all of us fathers — on what it means to be a father, raise children, and take on the responsibility of intergenerational transmission in this time between eras — and whether it holds lessons for being a leader today.

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Robb Smith is a leading thinker on the Transformation Age and the global Integral movement. He is the co-founder and CEO of Integral Life.