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“Manifestation, incarnation, is the great Game of the One playing at being the Many, for the sheer sport and fun of it. The manifest world is a world of opposites — of pleasure versus pain, up versus down, good versus evil, subject versus object, light versus shadow. But if you are going to play the great cosmic Game, that is what you yourself set into motion. How else can you do it? If there are no parts and no players and no suffering and no Many, then you simply remain as the One and Only, Alone and Aloof. But it’s no fun having dinner alone.”Ken Wilber



n this continuation of our “integral media” series, Ryan and Corey take another look at the major stages of human development, this time using a series of 33 video games in order to illustrate the qualities and characteristics of each stage.

All of this allows you to not only observe these stages within you, but to actively inhabit, engage, and play with them as well.

If you are already familiar with the mechanics of integral thought, this will be a great opportunity to practice applying the model to the world around us, deepening our appreciation of our world and the intricate strata of our cultural inheritance.

And if you don’t know very much about video games, this episode will introduce you to an entirely new genre of interactive media, as it features some of the very best and most popular games in history!

Considering just how prevalent video games have become in our culture, it’s surprising that it took us this long to do an episode like this! We hope you enjoy.

Full Episode:

A few fun facts about video games
  • The average video game player is 35-44 years old.
  • About 59% of gamers are male, and around 41% are female.
  • 70% of kids under the age of 18 are gamers. 64% of adults over 18 are also gamers.
  • 75% of households have at least gamer in the house.
  • The global video game industry is now larger and more profitable than the global film industry and sports industry combined.
  • The video game industry represents one of the most complex and multi-disciplinary ongoing creative endeavors in the world.

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