The Essence of Zen: One Heart, One Mind

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“What does it mean to be human?”Diane Musho Hamilton

Zen teacher Diane Musho Hamilton brings us home to the simple essence of Zen: to practice as one, without reference to past or future. This heartfelt conversation covers many topics: waking up to our true nature, grief and practices that help us work through it, the tension of “difference,” healing the rift between female and male, the role of ayahuasca and peyote, the ever more subtle process of purification, and a beautiful recitation of 14th century Sufi poet Hafiz’s poem, “I Have Learned So Much.” Allow yourself to be reminded how simple things can get if you let them and how, as Diane says, “We’re all just growing up together.”

Recorded on September 13, 2021.

Topics & Timestamps: Part 1

  • Diane’s opening at seventeen to “what does it mean to be human?” (02:43)
  • Buddhadharma, Integral, and Big Mind (05:10)
  • The urgent need for us to wake up to our fundamental unity (10:37)
  • How Ken Wilber’s developmental stages and states fit in (15:20)
  • The heart of Zen Buddhism: an utterly coherent reality, free of separation (19:37)
  • Differences between Diane’s teachings & practice and traditional Zen: creating space for ego development (20:51)
  • Zen’s contribution to conflict resolution: radical first person, sitting together as one (24:11)
  • Looking at climate change in an Integral way, from 1st-person, 2nd-person, and 3rd-person perspectives (26:21)
  • Zen teaches peace is in the present without reference to past or future (29:33)
  • The difference between meditation and flow states, and manifesting from the place of Big Mind (33:57)

Topics & Timestamps: Part 2

  • Grief: being present with it and practicing with it (01:01)
  • How shamanic practice can let us see pure radiance in others (07:46)
  • The power of ritual in times of grief (08:48)
  • Grief and integral practice (12:20)
  • What is the role of a specifically female contemplative teacher? (19:03)
  • Confronting the feminine shadow (22:59)
  • The neverending, ever more subtle practice of purification (aka Ken Wilber’s “cleaning up”) (25:32)
  • What do women want from men? (30:11)
  • And what do men want from women? (34:40)
  • Peyote, forgiveness, and healing the rift (38:04)

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Diane Musho Hamilton

About Diane Hamilton

Diane is a uniquely gifted, playful, and awake group facilitator, consultant and teacher of Integral Spirituality and Zen. She is a lineage holder in the Soto Zen tradition, and has collaborated with the Integral Institute and Ken Wilber since 2004, developing the Integral Life Practice seminars and the Integral Spiritual Experience global events.

John Dupuy

About John Dupuy

John Dupuy is co-founder and CEO of iAwake Technologies, a company that creates cutting-edge, high-tech brainwave entrainment soundtracks that support the healing of emotional/shadow issues, deepen meditation, mental focus, creativity, and flow states, and enhance a daily integral transformative practice. John has been working personally and professionally with brainwave entrainment technology since 2004, and travels internationally to teach and inspire on the subjects of Integral Transformative Practice and Integral Recovery®. John is also the author of Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction (SUNY Press, 2013), winner of the 2013 USA Best Book Award, and co-host of the popular Journey of Integral Recovery podcast. John also hosts the online series Spiritual Tech Talks 2.0, in which he converses with leaders, pioneers, and inventors on the current wave of emerging spiritual technologies.

Roger Walsh

About Roger Walsh

Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., has spent nearly a quarter century researching and practicing in the world's great spiritual traditions. His critically acclaimed book, Essential Spirituality, is a summary of that wisdom, outlining the seven spiritual practices common to the world's major religions.