The Universal Dream: Seeing Dreams In Multiple Perspectives

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Dr. Witt and Dr. Forman dive deeply into the world of dreaming, exploring the neurobiology and function of dreams, the history and basics of dream work in psychotherapy, and some useful tips to help you interpret your own dreams.

Topics include:

  • Dr. Witt’s and Dr. Forman’s personal histories with dream work
  • Big dreams, little dreams, and nightmares
  • Dreams and evolution
  • The neurobiology of dreams
  • The functions of dreams
  • History of dreams in psychotherapy
  • Intro to dreamworking techniques
  • Dreamwork supports intimacy
  • The power of symbols
  • Further tips for dream interpretation and practice

At the moment the Big Bang occurred, the Universe Dream came into existence. The Universe Dream is the story of creation from before time till the end of time, constantly unfolding in reality and fantasy. With every level of complexity that appeared in the expanding universe, a step was taken towards sentience and self-awareness. With life came emotions, instincts, and drives — ancestral voices speaking powerfully but non-consciously.

With mammals came dreams. All mammals dream, and all dreams seek to influence, to wake the individual up to better possibilities of surviving and thriving. With humans came a self who could observe the dream, and now the Universe Dream began waking up to itself. With the evolution of conscious self-awareness, humans can, in one lifetime, personally evolve to keep waking up to the ancestral voices speaking through Shadow, accessing deeper levels of wisdom and love.

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Mark Forman

About Mark Forman

Mark Forman, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist whose text — A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy Complexity, Integration, and Spirituality in Practice – is considered one of the seminal works in the field of Integral Psychotherapy.

Dr. Keith Witt

About Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt is a Licensed Psychologist, teacher, and author who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, CA. for over forty years. Dr. Witt is also the founder of The School of Love.

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