A Unique View Into You: Working With a Client’s AQAL Constellation

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This article provides an introduction to the set of six lenses used to support client assessment and competency development. Integral Coaches receive in-depth training in the application of integral theory to the field of adult development. For the purpose of this article, a particular client thread is used to enable readers to grasp each lens in a coaching application. The six lenses used by Integral Coaching Canada are the four quadrants (competencies, orientation, and translation), levels of consciousness (including three levels within each level), six lines of development (cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, somatic, spiritual, and moral), states of consciousness (gross, subtle, and causal as well as productive and non-productive, high-energy and low-energy states), gender type structures (feminine and masculine development), and Enneagram type structures. Coaches graduating from Integral Coaching Canada use all six lenses from Looking AT and Looking AS perspectives for both client assessment and integral practice design.

Laura Divine

About Laura Divine

Laura has been practicing in the field of coaching for over twenty years and she brings extensive leadership and business management experience to her ability to directly apply Integral Coaching® in complex settings. While living in her hometown of San Francisco, Laura spent fifteen years in the telecommunications industry accumulating comprehensive executive experience in leadership, business effectiveness, change management, total quality systems, strategic planning, and coaching implementation within large scale systems.