Bruce Alderman

Bruce Alderman

Bruce Alderman, MA, is an affiliate faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies and Holistic Counseling Psychology departments. Recent integrally themed publications include essays in Integral Review, Dancing with Sophia: Integral Philosophy on the Verge and Wir Vielen in dieser einen Welt: Unsere Weltanschauung weiterentwickeln für den nachhaltigen Umbau unserer Zivilisation. In the early 2000s, Bruce learned about the imminent launch of Integral Naked while visiting Ken's Wilber's loft, and has been a member of IN and its later incarnations ever since. After years of moderating several integral discussion forums of his own, including Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality and Integral Scholarship and Practice, he is venturing into production of integral video content himself.

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Sacrilegious and Sexy AF



In this special Devil’s Night interview, our good friends Bruce Alderman and Layman Pascal talk to Hofman and Daemon, former members of The Satanic Temple in New York, and founding members of the Satanic organization LORE: The Satanic Collective of NYC, about the history of Satanism and the new Integral and Metamodern-ish forms that are currently emerging.