Becoming Nothing

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In this deeply moving reflection, Father Thomas Keating offers a personal glimpse into his own spiritual practice, allowing us precious insight into the heart and mind of one of the world’s most cherished mystics. Watch as Fr. Keating shares how his innermost experience of the sacred continues to transform as he approaches the twilight years of his life, and feel for yourself the incredible warmth and grace that radiates as the translucent skin of mortality gets peeled away layer by layer, revealing an unshakable mountain of timeless consciousness beneath.

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Father Thomas Keating

About Father Thomas Keating

Father Thomas Keating is considered by many to be one of the few genuinely realized Christian saints in the world today. He continues to be a prominent voice in the Christian Centering Prayer movement through the organization he founded, Contemplative Outreach, an international network committed to renewing the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in daily life.