The Kosmos as Evolving Masterpiece

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Alex Grey offers a riveting tour through some of his most significant works, offering unique insight into his creative process, his personal inspirations and influences, and his most profound psychedelic experiences.

What is truly extraordinary about Alex Grey is how he helps us to see the unseen, to “eff” the ineffable, to recognize the invisible currents we are all inextricably immersed in. In his work we find vast ecologies of souls, patterns of manifestation, living fractals of consciousness, all connected by filaments of light too subtle for the eye to discern. Alex reveals to us the geometry of the soul, the anatomy of Spirit, the viscera of life, light, and consciousness. His work reflects the full totality of the human organism in a sensual explosion of color, form, and symbolism, reminding us of who and what we truly are.

Watch as Alex walks us through the history of art itself, identifying visionary art as the centerpiece of all the world’s religions—that sacred intersection between human and divine where mystical visions, ecstatic states, and experiences of infinite love, bliss, and union find their richest expression through creativity, culture, and imagination.

It was a tremendous honor to have Alex join us at the Kosmic Creativity event, and to share this visionary presentation with us all. Whether you’re an artist, an altered states-man, or just an admirer of beauty, truth, and goodness in all its guises, you will love this extraordinary video.

Written by Corey W. deVos
Photo by Mathias Weitbrecht

Alex Grey

About Alex Grey

Alex Grey, a renowned visionary and spiritual artist and author of The Mission of Art. In the foreword to The Mission of Art, Ken Wilber stated: "Alex Grey might be the most significant artist alive."