What Is Integral Justice?

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In this episode of IJW, Mark and Corey go back to basics by returning to some of the guiding principles running through the series — namely, how to enact justice in all four quadrants in order to support more equal opportunities and more equal outcomes, while reducing suffering for the greatest number of people.

  • How is justice executed differently from one stage of cultural development to the next?
  • How does “justice” fit with the three transcendentals of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True?
  • What makes an integral approach to justice different from, say, the standard “woke” or anti-woke approaches we commonly see these days?
  • What are the parts of wokism that we want to include in a more integral embrace, and what are the parts that we want to leave behind?
  • How do we manage the polarities and tensions between individual justice and social justice?

We hope you enjoy the discussion! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Written and produced by Corey deVos

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Mark Fischler

About Mark Fischler

Mark Fischler is a Professor of Criminal justice and current program coordinator for the criminal justice and criminology programs at Plymouth State University. Prior to joining the Plymouth State faculty, he practiced law, representing poor criminal defendants for the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office. Mark has worked extensively with alternative theoretical models in law, constitutional law, and higher education, and has published on integral applications to teaching, being a lawyer, and legal theory. His focus in the classroom is ethics and criminal procedure, and is well respected for a teaching philosophy that emphasizes recognizing the humanity and dignity of each student. Professor Fischler was awarded the outstanding teaching award at his university in 2014. He currently offers a weekly Spiritual Inquiry class through Satya Yoga Studio.

Corey deVos

About Corey deVos

Corey W. deVos is editor and producer of Integral Life. He has worked for Integral Institute/Integal Life since Spring of 2003, and has been a student of integral theory and practice since 1996. Corey is also a professional woodworker, and many of his artworks can be found in his VisionLogix art gallery.