Politics, Addiction, and Mental Health: The Path to Recovery

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I am talking today with Chris Grosso, one of our featured presenters at the upcoming What NOW conference. Chris serves as spiritual director at the The Sanctuary at Shepardfields, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interfaith center and land preserve that offers educational resources for personal transformation, community evolution, and environmental restoration. You may also know him for the grounding breaking series he did with Ken Wilber, titled Hardcore Spirit.

In this interview Chris recounts some of the surreal feelings he’s having as the Trump administration continues to disrupt the social, political, and cultural status quo. He speaks to the impact Trump is having on the mental health communities that he serves — as safety net budgets for social services are eliminated, those with mental health issues are often the first to feel the pain.

Diving deeper, Chris recounts his own struggles with addiction. Although Chris is an avid Integral Life Practice devotee, traumatic life events can knock even the mightiest practitioner out of alignment and send him reeling towards any source of comfort —food, television, sex, drugs, etc. Watch as Chris describes his path back to sobriety through service to others, his own spiritual journey, and some key words of advice that Father Thomas Keating offered to him.

Join us as Chris Grosso explores into how he is holding the question “What NOW?”

-David Riordan

The What NOW Conference
December 29 - January 1

Welcome to the era of disruption.

It seems clear we are heading into one of the most disruptive periods of human history the world has ever known. And even now, what we currently see is just a hint of the incredibly disruptive forces that are waiting just behind the curtain — automation, genetics, artificial intelligence, etc. — ready to descend upon our civilization and force us to discover new strategies of coexistence.

But of course, in these times of rampant disruption there is also newfound opportunity for fresh ideas to emerge, to replace outmoded ideas that are generating an enormous amount of evolutionary friction, and to begin reshaping our notions of the world, our work, and our shared future.

This is why we are holding our What Now conference this New Year — to help you navigate and explore the era of massive worldwide disruption that we now find ourselves in, and to discover the inner resiliency and adaptability we need — not only to survive this breakneck era of transformation, but to thrive and actively participate in its unfolding.

Chris Grosso

About Chris Grosso

Chris Grosso is an independent culturist, spiritual aspirant, recovering addict, professor with en*theos Academy and author of Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality. He writes for Huffington Post, Rebelle Society, Origin Magazine and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine. A self-taught musician, Chris has been writing, recording, and touring since the mid 90s.

David Riordan

About David Riordan

David Riordan is Vice President of Media Development for Integral Life, Inc. David is responsible for managing Integral Life's media business development, including creating compelling and accessible stories in multiple mediums—including online, DVD and motion picture formats.

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