How to Awaken and Empower the Integral Man

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Keith Martin-Smith and Jason Lange explore the challenges and ongoing evolution of masculinity. Watch as they delve into topics such as the impact of societal norms on men’s behavior, the importance of emotional intelligence, and the journey from traditional to more integrated forms of masculinity, bringing a wealth of insights to help men navigate their roles and identities in a rapidly changing social landscape.

Aren’t men doing just fine these days? On top of most industries, running most businesses, and outearning their female counterparts, among other privileges?

A small percentage of men are indeed doing very well, financially at least, but overall men are actually the worst they’ve been in a generation.

Men have three times the suicide rate of women, die younger (and that gap is growing, currently 7 years), are more prone to cause and suffer from catastrophic violence, are graduating at far lower rates from both high school and college, and are suffering from a generational “failure to launch” into careers, parenthood, and homeownership.

Even those men who are doing well financially are often struggling with depression or rage, alcoholism, or just being shut down emotionally. And their marriages and their children suffer.

What is wrong with men today? And what can be done to help them find a healthy expression of their deepest masculinity?

Join author and men’s work guide Keith Martin-Smith and his longtime friend, Jason Lange, a men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator, and evolutionary guide. Jason helps men drop in and wake up to deeper clarity in their life’s purpose and relationships, and believes every man should be in a men’s group for the growth and support opportunities they provide.

Text by Keith Martin-Smith
Images and maps by Corey deVos

Key Questions:

Here are some questions you can contemplate while listening to this discussion. We suggest you take some time to use these as journaling prompts.

  • Personal Role in Masculine Evolution: How do I view my role in the evolution of masculinity, and in what ways can I contribute to a healthier, more holistic expression of masculinity in society?
  • Moral Evolution in Relation to Masculinity: How have my views on what it means to be a ‘good man’ evolved over time, and how does this reflect broader changes in societal norms and expectations of masculinity?
  • Understanding Vulnerability in Developmental Context: How do I interpret and integrate my vulnerabilities and strengths in the context of my personal journey towards mature masculinity?
  • Media’s Impact on Masculine Identity: How does the portrayal of men in media influence my understanding of masculinity, and how can I seek out or advocate for more diverse and complex representations?
  • Balancing Strength and Openness: In what ways do I balance traditional masculine traits like strength and decisiveness with openness and emotional vulnerability in my daily life?
  • Navigating Masculinity in Digital Age: How do modern communication platforms, like social media, influence my expression of masculinity and my interactions with others?
  • Contemplating Masculinity in a Rapidly Changing World: In an era of significant social and technological change, how do I adapt and evolve my understanding of masculinity to remain relevant and positive?
  • Deepening Emotional Connections: How often do I engage in genuinely deep emotional connections, and how does this affect my relationships and understanding of masculinity?
  • Embracing a Conscious Approach to Masculinity: Given the complex nature of modern masculinity, how can I consciously evolve my understanding and expression of masculinity to benefit my personal growth and positively impact those around me?

Related Polarities

Here are some of the most critical polarities to consider while listening to this broadcast.

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Keith Martin-Smith

About Keith Martin-Smith

Keith Martin-Smith is an award-winning author, writing coach, and Zen priest. He is passionate about human connection, creativity, and evolution. His books include "The Mysterious Divination of Tea Leaves", "A Heart Blown Open", and "The Heart of Zen". His most recent book is his first novel, "Only Everything", a novel that explores the promise and the pain of following an artist's path.

Jason Lange

About Jason Lange

Jason Lange is a filmmaker, founder of Evolutionary Men, a men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator, evolutionary guide, and the host of Evolutionary Men Podcast. Drawing from many disciplines and modalities, Jason applies an integral framework to all his work, making them more effective.