The Varieties of Integral Spiritual Experience

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fter taking an in-depth look at the path of Growing Up in previous episodes, exploring how our multiple intelligences, talents, and capacities grow over time through increasingly conscious stages of development, we now turn our attention to the path of Waking Up — taking a guided tour through these temporary states of consciousness that include everything from emotional states to chemically-induced states to the direct, immediate experience of timeless reality.

Watch as Ken and Corey explore these states of consciousness in detail, revealing an infinitely renewable source of energy, resilience, and creative inspiration that rests at the very center of you.

“So what you’re doing here is, you’re actually undertaking a type of interior scientific experiment where you are engaging in the exercise of your own awareness, exploring its deeper and deeper and deeper dimensions. Most of the great traditions maintain that if you do that adequately, you’ll eventually run in to basically mystical states of experience that are direct, immediate 1st-person experiences with something like an ultimate ground of being.

And this presents itself with such certainty and such undeniability that they’re easily the most certain types of experiences that human beings have. Of course we can question them, but for people who have had those types of experiences — and they’re known as enlightenment or awakening metamorphosis, satori, moksha, and so on — people who’ve actually had those experiences will say, “yes, it’s the most certain experience I’ve ever had.” Can I question it? I suppose so, but it’s the item that I would least question of anything else in my experience. This is more real than the table I’m looking at right now, for example. So that’s the type of reality that come with these experiences.”

—Ken Wilber

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