Putting the “Art” in Artificial Intelligence



What is art, at its most fundamental level? This is one of those perennial questions that we have been asking and re-asking at every stage of the human journey, from the first cave drawings all the way to the emergence of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms like MidJourney that are once again blurring the lines between art, beauty, and perspective and forcing us to find new ways to answer this timeless question. Watch as Ken and Corey take a fun and fascinating look at the intersection between art, semiotics, and technology.


What Has Ken Wilber Been Up To Since Grace and Grit?

Published in 1991, the events that took place in Ken Wilber’s searing autobiographical spiritual love story Grace and Grit occurred in the 1980s. What has the great man been up to since then? Read on to see a very brief summary of the amazing events that took place after the events in the movie. After taking a hiatus from writing …


Lead With Purpose

Are you feeling an urgent calling to make an impact with your life? Then share the next few minutes with Ginny Whitelaw, a Zen Master & NASA-trained executive who trains people from all over the world in how to lead with purpose, and to feel the difference when they do.


Full Body Mindfulness

 Full Body Mindfulness is a new web course by the world’s leading philosopher of the mind, Ken Wilber, who walks with you step-by-step through the science and practice of four essential foundations of body mindfulness and lifelong health: Food Mindfulness and the Hunger DriveDrink Mindfulness and the Thirst DriveStrength Mindfulness and the Muscular-Skeletal SystemComfort Mindfulness and the Pleasure and Pain SystemsFull Body …


The Integral Vision

Integrative metatheory is arguably the only credible global philosophy of the 21st century. Ken Wilber’s The Integral Vision is one of the finest introductions to integrative thought and practice you can find.


The Darth Vader Move

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The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. The “Darth Vader move” is what happens when someone with an exceptionally high level of development uses the skills and capacities of that level for purposes generally deemed to be “wrong” — often the result of a highly developed cognitive intelligence combined with a poorly developed moral intelligence (Nazi scientists being the classic example). What happens when our higher angels get hijacked by our lowest demons? What is the cause of the Darth Vader move, and how can we prevent ourselves from being seduced by the Dark Side of the Force?


Tracking The Transformation Age

Ladies and gentlemen, the Great Release is truly and fully underway. That earthquake has now begun. Nanoscopically small and quietly transmissible, Covid-19 would be almost laughable as a catalyst for the great release if it weren’t so deadly. But as it stands, it is in fact the perfect spark to alight the ample tinder of total system irresilience.