Ken Wilber Goes to High School: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality

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n this very special episode of The Ken Show we are joined by Aissatou Diallo, Zoe Tray, and Noah Delorme, students at Choate Rosemary Hall who have been studying Ken Wilber’s seminal book, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality for their senior year project. Watch as Ken, Aissatou, Zoe, and Noah unpack many of the core insights of SES and discuss the unique value Integral work holds for a new generation of thinkers, leaders, artists, and scholars.

We were absolutely blown away by the depth, care, and curiosity that shone through these students’ questions, as well as the obvious enthusiasm they have for the integral project. We are always trying to find new ways to bring integral ideas to new generations, and presenting these ideas in a way that speaks more directly to the unique life conditions each generation is facing. Seeing these young faces light up behind their masks as they engaged with Ken was a pure delight, and offers a new source of hope for the ongoing unfolding of integral ideas, as well as for our shared future on this planet.

Topics include:

0:00 — Ken’s writing process while working on SES
10:43 — Why is spirituality important to the integral model?
26:52 — How do we know how many people are at each stage?
42:09 — How important is community for spiritual awakening?
53:45 — How can Integral help people become better activists?
1:10:22 — How do we integrate relativity?
1:16:01 — Can Integral help people with poverty and substance abuse?
1:29:37 — How does emotion influence our development?
1:40:36 — How do we communicate integral spirituality to non-religious people?
1:43:24 — How does awakened love influence our relationships?
1:52:00 — How does Ken manage fear?

We hope you enjoy this latest episode of The Ken Show! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Written and produced by Corey deVos

Music by Stuart Davis

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  1. I really enjoyed watching this episode and learned a lot thorough some questions from students. I especially appreciate Zoe’s question; 26:52 — How do we know how many people are at each stage? I was always wondering how can we know that kind of information but never thought to ask a question. Are there some academic research papers or books which report about people’s stages? Is there some information that 10% of population of certain stages could make a major impact in a society?

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